Checklist 1 of 4

Hi there, so how was your week? Did you take up my challenge? I sincerely hope so. You can make a difference, remember that!

We all seem to be very busy this time of the year. Year end functions, trying to help with the kids last term exams, maybe you wright Grade 12 again (LOL) and the best of all, you trying to get all the Holiday Plans in order. That is why I thought it would be good to help You Remember NOT to skip your Security Check List before You and your Family set off into the sunsets on the beautiful shores of South Africa.

I know this is the last thing You want to think about but……… O Yes there is the but. But think about it, if you do all the necessary preparations, you know that you can go on holiday with:  Peace of Mind.

Check List:

Alarm System

Electric Fence

Camera System

Gate motor & Garage doors

I will discuss all of these over the next 3 weeks. What I do want to talk about today is, batteries. All the above mention has batteries that powers them. So, lets start with the heartbeat of your system.

  • Make sure that you check all Wireless Pir’s (Eyes) doesn’t matter which system, have a spare so when you go away and your parents or someone in the family needs to look after your mansion, they have the right type of battery as back up for your system.
  • Check the voltage of the battery of your Alarm System, Electric Fence, Gate motor and garage door. If you don’t know what that voltage should be you can contact us for info.
  • If you have a UPS for your cameras check them too.

It is very important to check, to know and to have back-up. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever, not yet. With that said, let me share a very interesting person I came across. Do you know who is John B Goodenough?

He is a 97-Year-old Gentlemen in UT Austin.  He is widely credited with the identification and development of the lithium-ion battery for developing the Goodenough–Kanamori rules in determining the sign of the magnetic super exchange in materials, and for seminal developments in computer random access memory. So, it is because of his invention of the lithium-ion battery that we have the use of cell phones, tablets, note books etc. But wait that is not all……… His latest invention is the glass battery. The glass battery is a type of solid-state battery. It uses a glass electrolyte and lithium or sodium metal electrodes. In 2019, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and, at 97 years old, became the oldest Nobel laureate in history. So, this battery can last longer that lithium-ion batteries.

We are looking forward for batteries like that to be used in all security devices too. Come on make that check list and have Pease of Mind!