We want to Challenge YOU!

                                                                                                                                                                     No: 2

Hi there, so I am back for another chat. Hope you had time to think about my question that I ‘ve asked last week. Can you still remember………? Let me refresh your memory. How do people address your problem or answer your questions?

Over the weekend while shopping myself I listened to people in different stores and restaurants having problems and questions and all I could see is: FRUSTRATION. I wondered what went wrong? As a consumer we spend our money on a variety of products and we expect to get the result of that product that we bought, but somehow that right is becoming only a wishful thinking.    

While listening to a resent documentary about Bill Gates, I could not help but to think that the problem lies with us as individuals, it all starts with each person wanting to reach out to one another to help in the best way possible and to push ourselves to higher levels. Here is what caught my attention, this man (Bill Gates) didn’t ask anyone to help him think what the next best thing is he can do for people, no he simply took it upon himself to make a difference in people’s lives where there is a need. Now, Bill Gates as you know is a Billionaire and didn’t have to do anything for any body and yet he made an impossible problem possible. He searched for the answer and solution of redesigning a toilet. Yes, he brought all the people together that designed a solar-powered toilet that generates hydrogen and electricity. This was his words: “Innovative solutions change people’s lives for the better,” said foundation Co-chair Bill Gates. “If we apply creative thinking to everyday challenges, such as dealing with human waste, we can fix some of the world’s toughest problems.”

It made me feel very proud to know at DSD with our slogan “Only Answers and Solutions” (not knowing that is the same principle that Bill Gates apply) we are on right path. That is how we try and reach out to our customers by giving them the best advice to our knowledge and to listen closely to their needs, but most important, we strife to let your money work for you after all that is what is expected.  

This week I want to challenge you, reach out to someone or speak differently, apply patients, make a difference for yourself and experience the change.