Hi, you, thanks for joining us with our new journey………… Blogging. Do you know the meaning of Blogging, well if you are anything like me (very very new to social media) you don’t know exactly what the meaning is? So, let’s look and get a better understanding.

According to the dictionary it is: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

synonyms: description · report · version · story · narration · narrative · statement · news

So, it is chatting and news and overall interchanging of information.

Here is our story. We as a Security Distribution company started 1 May 2001. We started with 2 people, we had heart and we had clients. We grew to 6 people in total. We absolutely thrived on problem solving and great service. We were and still are the go-to company for information. A lot of our installers knew that they could just phone DSD for any kind of help, so much that installation manuals were not needed. Our slogan “Only Answers & Solutions” and that is how we run the company still today. We strive to build relation ships with you as our customer, so much so that we become friends on a level that we are One Big Family. 

Enough about us, for now. How about you? How do you feel when walking in any Super Store? I don’t know about you, but people hardly greet you, so how do they address your question or attend to your problem?

Looking forward blogging with you.

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