Hi there, so how was your week? Did you take up my challenge? I sincerely hope so. You can make a difference, remember that! We all seem to be very busy this time of the year. Year end functions, trying to help with the kids last term exams, maybe you […]

Checklist 1 of 4

                                                                                                                                                                     No: 2 Hi there, so I am back for another chat. Hope you had time to think about my question that I ‘ve asked last week. Can you still remember………? Let me refresh your memory. How do people address your problem or answer your questions? Over the weekend while […]

We want to Challenge YOU!

Hi, you, thanks for joining us with our new journey………… Blogging. Do you know the meaning of Blogging, well if you are anything like me (very very new to social media) you don’t know exactly what the meaning is? So, let’s look and get a better understanding. According to the […]